February 1, 2018

Breezy + Criteria Corp = Better data-driven hiring decisions

breezy and criteria corp

Today we’re excited to announce our integration with HireSelect® from Criteria Corp, a leading provider of pre-employment assessment service. Criteria Corp’s used by thousands of companies and organizations to provide aptitude tests, personality, and basic skills tests throughout the hiring process.

Already have an account with Criteria Corp? Well then, activating with Breezy is just what you’d expect… a breeze 🍃. Just head over to this resource for a step-by-step guide.

Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to configure the stages to trigger the assessment and also setup where you’d like your candidates to be moved to when they’re done. Ah, yes, another previously manual task, now wonderfully automated.

Now if you haven’t used pre-employment testing in the past, here’s a quick overview of some of the reasons you may want to start:

Save some precious time

By taking care of more of your fundamental requirements earlier, you can screen candidates earlier in the hiring cycle and improve quality before the interview stage.

Not only will you save your team’s time, but you’ll save the candidate time as well, so they can focus on opportunities that are a better fit.

More objectivity

If your candidate did well in an early stage (e.g. phone screening), following up with a well-designed assessment, backed with science, will gain valuable insights from a neutral 3rd party to help you inform the structure of your follow-up interviews.

Each assessment takes candidates through a standardized process that’s consistent and reliable and can be selected and tuned based on job-related criteria so everyone has the same opportunity.

Make better data-driven hiring decisions

We all know diversity’s a vital component of building a great team. Incorporating scientifically backed assessments like those provided by HireSelect® help eliminate unconscious bias and ultimately improve your hiring process.

Your test results will help you to be more precise about why you did or didn’t progress a candidate, allowing you to rely less on your ‘gut’ and more on data.