These Are the Top 10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12

Your cells need vitamin B12 to function, so load up on these nutrient-packed picks.

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Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that's crucial to red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, DNA creation, and nerve health. Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in fatigue, anemia, moodiness, nerve damage, and intestinal problems if you don't replenish your stores—vegetarians and vegans are the ones most at risk for this because many of the foods rich in it aren't plant-based. Load up on these foods that deliver a B12 hit.

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1 Sockeye salmon
Three Grilled Salmon Filets on Cedar Plank
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Just 3 oz of sockeye salmon provides twice your daily value of B12. “Flake leftover cold salmon over salad greens for a quick lunch,” says Marisa Moore, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Atlanta, GA.

2 Nutritional yeast
Making Healthy Popcorn At Home
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Animal products are the richest source of B12, but for vegans, nutritional yeast is a good option, Moore says. Blend it with cashews for a “cheesy” sauce replacement, or sprinkle on popcorn or vegetables for a hit of umami flavor.

3 Clams
Clams a bulhao pato (clams with lemon and garlic)
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This shellfish is an easy choice to get your entire daily value of B12 in one sitting. Try steaming them with garlic, white wine, and fresh herbs, or toss them with pasta.

4 Beef liver
Close-Up Of Cooked Beef Liver In Plate On Table
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While ofal isn't everyone's cup of tea, beef liver is super high in B12. Liver and onions is a classic dish that may mask the liver-y flavor a bit, or you can try spreading beef pate on a crostini.

5 Milk
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Cow's milk will help you reach your B12 needs for the day. Pour it in your coffee, add it to recipes, or sip a cold glass all on its own.

6 Rainbow trout
Appetizing Meal With Baked Fish
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This fish is low in calories, a great source of lean protein, and 3 oz delivers nearly 100% of your daily value of vitamin B12. Grill up filets or try roasting the whole fish with fresh herbs, veggies, and lots of lemon.

7 Cereal
Bowl of corn flakes cereal
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For a quick B12 fix, look for cereal that's fortified with the vitamin. Double up by pairing it with cow’s milk for a double dose.

8 Tuna
Tuna Salad
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A humble can of chunk light tuna is a cheap, low-calorie way to reach your B12 needs for the day, says Moore—just 3 oz delivers 100% of your daily value! Go mayo-free by dressing it up with chopped red peppers, onions, herbs, and a drizzle of olive oil, then pile it on a salad.

9 Octopus
Grilled Octopus
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This sea creature may look creepy but it's a tasty way to boost your B12 intake. Try it grilled for a smoky bite.

10 Crab
Crispy fish cakes
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If you're a fan of this crustacean, you'll be sure to get a dose of vitamin B12, too. Make baked crab cakes or simply crumble the cooked mixture and use it to top a filet of sockeye salmon for an extra B12 boost.

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