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10 Best Hypoallergenic Pillows for People With Allergies in 2022

Shop top-rated options that keep dust mites, pollen, and pet dander out of your bed.

best hypoallergenic pillow
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If you suffer from allergies, you’re already aware of how easily dust mites, pet dander, and mold can trigger annoying symptoms like a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes, not to mention seasonal allergens like pollen. Fortunately, there are hypoallergenic pillows that allow you to get more ease and comfort while sleeping and dealing with allergies.

“People wake up with allergy symptoms because all night while you’re sleeping, you’re breathing certain things in [from your pillow],” says Purvi Parikh, M.D., an allergist and immunologist with NYU Langone Health and the Allergy and Asthma Network. Thankfully, the solution may be as easy as buying a new pillow.

Designed to reduce dust mite exposure, these pillows have special casings that act as a barrier between you and common allergens, Dr. Parikh explains. They’re also made from different materials than the typical padding found in many pillows, says Brynn Everist, M.D., a physician at Kansas City Allergy & Asthma Associates and a member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

But when it comes time to buy a hypoallergenic pillow, it’s easy to get stumped. Here’s how to pick one, according to experts.

How to choose the best hypoallergenic pillow

✔️ Pick a dust mite-proof option. Dust mites are microscopic allergens that live wherever people do—including on your pillow, causing sneezing and runny nose. When you’re shopping for a hypoallergenic pillow, make sure it’s designed to keep those mites out. “Bed bug covers are not enough to protect you from dust mites,” Dr. Parikh says, so don’t rely on those.

✔️ Pay attention to the material. Synthetic materials are much more allergy-friendly than traditional down feathers or cotton padding, Dr. Everist says. The best options don’t have any added chemicals, either, making them ideal for sensitive skin. “Overall, it’s reducing your exposure [to allergens] during the hours when you spend the most amount of time in a singular place,” she explains.

✔️ Don’t neglect your other bedding. Dr. Everist recommends springing for a dust mite-proof pillow protector, too, since that’ll keep allergens out of your pillow. This, along with washing the cover once a week, will “dramatically reduce” the number of dust mites living on your pillow, she says. (A dust mite-proof mattress protector and a dehumidifier aren’t bad ideas, either.)

Getting sleepy? Shop the 10 best hypoallergenic pillows below.

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Best Overall Hypoallergenic Pillow
The Original Pillow
Coop Home Goods
Coop Home Goods

Looking for the total package? You’ve come to the right place. This beloved pillow contains a loose, hypoallergenic memory foam fill, meaning you can adjust its height and firmness to your perfect level. The bestseller is made with a cooling bamboo material, and its removable cover can be thrown in the wash for a good clean. “Best pillow ever. Trust me,” an Amazon reviewer raves. “Ever had a pillow so good you want to stay in bed? Yeah. It’s like that.”

best value Hypoallergenic Pillow
Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow
Mission Allergy
Mission Allergy

Dr. Everist likes Mission: Allergy pillows and liners for their soft feel. Although this one might look like any other hypoallergenic pillow, it’s actually got a special feature: Due to its tightly woven exterior, it doesn’t actually require a dust mite-proof cover. (You can totally add one if you want to, though.) Better yet, it was designed by a board-certified allergist, meaning you can trust its hypoallergenic pedigree.

best soft Hypoallergenic Pillow
Bed Pillows
Beckham Hotel Collection
Beckham Luxury Linens
Now 14% off

We know we’re not the only ones who love hotel pillows. If you’re with us, this luxurious set will give you high-end quality for way less than you’d expect, thanks to its allergy-friendly down-alternative fill and cooling gel fibers. “I had some doubts at first because I thought they’d be too soft,” a reviewer says, “but after a couple of nights I would now describe them as soft, yet firm enough to support my head and neck correctly.”

best set of Hypoallergenic Pillows
Won’t Go Flat Pillows
Serta Sertapedic
Serta Sertapedic

These affordable, supportive pillows far outperform their tiny price tags. Their hypoallergenic cotton and polyester blend keeps its shape as you sleep, and they won’t exacerbate nasal or eye allergies. You can finally wake up refreshed, not stuffy. Reviewers say you get what you pay for: “It does eventually go kinda flat, after years of use though,” one explains. “This is my second one in seven years—not bad.”

best memory foam Hypoallergenic Pillow
Dream Rite Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This cushiony pillow is one that allergy sufferers with a soft side can appreciate. Adjust the loftiness of the pillow with its shredded memory foam fill to make it as soft or as firm as you need. “This pillow is very comfortable, not hot like other memory foam, and completely customizable to any type of sleeper, even if you sleep on your stomach like I do,” one reviewer wrote.

best cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow
Original Memory Foam Pillows

Airy and comfortable, this pillow is designed with an adjustable memory foam fill that keeps it extra-supportive and customizable. Plus, it has a breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo cover that’ll keep you cool while preventing you from breathing in dust mites and pollen. “I love this pillow. Best one I have ever owned,” one reviewer reports. “I normally toss and turn all night, but I don’t think I’ve moved much since I started using the pillow. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

best Hypoallergenic Pillow cover
4 Pack Allergy Pillow Cover
National Allergy
National Allergy

This pillowcase cover received a 4.7-star rating and over 1,300 rave reviews, making it an Amazon customer favorite. Its features include zipped enclosures and a tight-woven fabric that won’t allow allergens to pass through. The cotton fabric is also designed to resist shrinkage during repeated washes, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it too often.

best Hypoallergenic Pillow for neck pain
TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow
Now 26% off

Sleeping on your side can cause neck pain to flare up—if you don’t have the right pillow, that is. This hypoallergenic, ergonomic option contours to support your head, neck, and shoulders, promoting proper spinal alignment while snoozing. “I just can’t say enough about how much better these pillows are than the other brands,” an Amazon reviewer writes. “Just do yourself a favor and get it.”

best Hypoallergenic Pillow for all sleep styles
AAFA Bed Pillow
Great Sleep Breathewell
Great Sleep Breathewell

Designed for all sleep styles (side sleepers, tummy sleepers, etc.), this hypoallergenic pillow is a must-have. It’s made with an allergen barrier that protects from dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and more! Plus, its luxe polyester fiberfill material has a cluster-shaped down-alternative that provides extra support. This pick is also certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), so you can guarantee it’s worth every penny.

best ergonomic Hypoallergenic Pillow
Cloud Pillow Set of 2

Designed with eucalyptus-based fabric and recycled, BPA-free fill, Buffy’s hypoallergenic pillow is one of the most eco-friendly options available right now. Even if its green credentials don’t impress you, it’s plush, comfortable, and durable enough to earn a spot on your bed—and you can even choose your level of firmness: It’s the “best non-down pillow on the market,” one reviewer proclaims.

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