Why I Believe Walking Just 1 Mile a Day Will Transform the Way You Look at Life

“Every day I’m grateful for having the ability to get outside and walk.”

koya webb with bottle
Koya Webb

I was a country girl, and I had to run to catch the bus every single day on my way to school. Building up my stamina running to catch the bus is really what allowed me to run track and field and be where I am today. I received a track and field scholarship to college, where I got my degree in exercise science. That’s what inspired me to have my own wellness-based company.

Today I don’t run for the bus anymore—instead, I walk as a crucial part of my wellness journey. I aim to walk at least one mile a day. Getting outside and moving my body is important to me because it keeps the knees and ankles strong, boosts blood flow, and keeps you energized throughout the day. Sometimes I get a couple of sprints in, but just a mile a day of walking is good enough.

For me, walking is more than physical exercise, though—it’s almost like a type of meditation. It can be very therapeutic, especially during sunrise and sunset. Usually, in the mornings, I’ll have my friends meet up and walk with me, and then in the evening, I typically walk by myself and process the day.

I know a lot of times we can get caught up in what’s going on in the world, especially right now, where many things seem uncertain. But just as it does for me, walking can help you find balance, and as I like to say, “get you loved up,” where you feel this enormous sense of love and gratitude.

Every day I’m grateful for having the ability to get outside and walk. When I walk, I take in everything around me, and I feel free. It amazes me that I can connect with the earth in this way—it’s very special, and I give walking all the credit.

“Walking is more than physical exercise—it’s almost like a type of meditation.”

I’m so thankful for everywhere my legs have taken me thus far, and I’m so hopeful for how far they will take me in the future. I encourage you to use this same energy and mindset as you begin your walking journey. Take it one day and one breath at a time. Do the most that you can and simply allow your body a chance to really appreciate the fact that you’re moving it more. Don’t try too hard or too fast; just take it easy and slowly build your intensity. This is how you can use walking as self-care.

I take self-care to the next level by pausing at least one moment during the day to express my gratitude. Whether I write in my gratitude journal, light a candle, or go outside to walk my mile, I make it a daily priority to thank the universe. I do this because despite all of the sadness, pain, and sometimes frustration, I believe that focusing my energy and emotions on what I’m grateful for really helps raise my overall vibration. It’s the little things (like walking!) that make a difference in how you feel from day to day.

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