30 Delicious Whole30 Breakfast Recipes to Keep You Full Until Lunch

These casseroles, frittatas, and pancakes (yes, pancakes!) will make your mornings so much more exciting.

whole30 breakfast recipes
Well Plated/Delightful Mom Food

Without sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy on Whole30, it might be hard to imagine what you’d eat for breakfast without getting bored (spoiler: lots of eggs involved!). But instead of looking at what you can’t eat, focus on what you can: Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like eggs and salmon, and healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, and nut butters.

And by arming yourself with a few creative cooking tricks, you won’t have to miss pancakes, hash, or your other beloved morning meals. The key to being successful on Whole30 is to enjoy a variety of foods in their simplest form. To get your creative juices going, we rounded up tons of Whole30-approved recipes—and we guarantee they will have you waking up excited for breakfast.

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1 Chard Breakfast Skillet
whole30 breakfast recipes: chard breakfast skillet with egg, onion, and tomato
Zach Desart

Perfect for a weekend meal, this recipe takes just under 30 minutes to prep, but its presentation looks like you slaved away in the kitchen all morning. Swiss chard and cherry tomatoes lend bright colors to this already sunny dish, while red wine vinegar and garlic provide mouthwatering flavor.

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2 15-Minute Spinach Tomato Frittata
whole 30 breakfast recipes: spinach tomato frittata

This ridiculously easy frittata takes just 15 minutes to make—and packs a whopping 23 grams of protein per serving. You’ll also get a healthy dose of nutrient-rich, flavorful veggies, including cherry tomatoes for vitamin A and spinach for a punch of iron. (Just skip the side of toast and mozzarella on top to keep this Whole30 friendly!)

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3 Tomato and Egg Stacks
whole 30 breakfast recipes: tomato and egg stacks

Who needs an English muffin when you have veggies? Skip the bread and top an egg and ham on top of a juicy tomato slice for this satisfying, low-carb breakfast. Olive oil offers some healthy fats, while onion and thyme punch of the flavor factor. (Just be sure to skip the cheese!)

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4 Sweet Potato Hash Browns
whole30 breakfast recipes: sweet potato hash browns
A Saucy Kitchen

Sweet potatoes offer more vitamin A and hunger-curbing fiber than traditional white hash browns. To help you cut time in the kitchen, use a food processor with a grating blade. Paprika lends a smoky flavor, while tapioca starch makes them nice and crispy. Serve with eggs and greens to round out your meal.

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5 Breakfast Sausage Stacks
whole 30 breakfast recipes: sausage stacks

Say hello to the stack of champions. All you need is breakfast sausage patties, an avocado, eggs, some spices, and a hearty appetite. If you choose to add some hot sauce for kick, just be sure that it’s unsweetened.

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6 Breakfast Sausage Casserole
whole30 breakfast recipes: breakfast casserole
Beauty and the Bench Press

If comforting egg dishes are your go-to, you’ll love this this veggie-packed casserole. It also includes other breakfast favorites like Whole30-compliant sausage and potatoes. The best part? It takes only 30 minutes to bake.

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7 Vegetarian Power Bowls
whole30 breakfast recipes: vegetarian power bowls
Well Plated

This delicious power bowl is brimming with roasted veggies to keep you full until lunch, while hard-boiled eggs and tahini sauce pack in protein. Prep the veggies in a sheet pan the night before so you can just reheat them in the morning.

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8 Smoked Salmon and Scallions Frittata
whole 30 breakfast recipes: smoked salmon frittata

Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, a type of unsaturated fat known to decrease inflammation. You’ll find thinly sliced pieces of the heart-healthy fish in this herby frittata, which comes together in just 25 minutes.

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9 Almond and Cassava Flour Pancakes
whole30 breakfast recipes: almond and cassava flour pancakes
Delightful Mom Food

Pancakes on Whole30? You bet! These fluffy and moist flapjacks are made with gluten-free almond and cassava flour. Just be sure to skip the maple syrup and top with fruit, nuts, or almond butter for added flavor.

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10 Mason Jar Scramble
whole 30 breakfast recipes: mason jar scrambled eggs

No time for a fancy brekkie? No worries, you can still load up on 13 grams of protein on the go with this handy mason jar hack. Simply pack in all your ingredients in one (just be sure to use unsweetened non-dairy milk) and microwave when you’re ready to enjoy!

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11 Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake
whole 30 breakfast recipes: Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake
Sweet Peas and Saffron

Who says you can’t make a sheet pan recipe for breakfast? This one is Whole30 approved because it loads up on protein-rich Italian sausage, olive oil for healthy fats, and tons of veggies. Simply toss them all together and bake for a prepped morning meal on your busiest days.

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12 Moroccan Breakfast Casserole
whole30 breakfast recipes: Moroccan breakfast casserole
Food, Faith, Fitness

Take a cue from the Middle East by using warming spices like cinnamon, cumin, and paprika to awaken your dish with flavor. This casserole combines eggs, onions, sweet potato, and fire-roasted diced tomatoes for a sumptuous morning meal.

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13 Butternut Squash Prosciutto Breakfast Hash
whole30 breakfast recipes: butternut squash prosciutto breakfast hash
Little Ferraro Kitchen

There’s no better time to whip out the cast iron skillet than for this baked eggs dish. This easy and delicious butternut squash hash also features vitamin K-rich spinach and tasty prosciutto for a hearty meal.

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14 Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bake
whole30 breakfast recipes: pumpkin apple breakfast bake

If you’re used to starting your mornings on a sweet note, this breakfast bake is for you. Made with pumpkin puree, eggs, coconut milk, banana, apples, and pecans, this heartwarming dish delivers the sweetness you crave with fiber and healthy fats.

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15 Tropical Smoothie Bowl
whole30 breakfast recipes: tropical smoothie bowl
Grace Silla

While the founders of Whole30 don’t encourage smoothies (even though they can be compliant!), eating eggs all month can be a bit much—and this fruit-filled bowl will put a smile on your face. Made with coconut, strawberries, and mangoes, it will transport you to a beach vacation with each bite. It also packs in chia seeds and almonds for protein and added fiber.

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16 Easy Breakfast Casserole
whole30 breakfast recipes: breakfast casserole
Jar of Lemons

Lean ground turkey? Check! Satiating avocado oil? You bet! Greens, mushrooms, and peppers? Present! Topped with eggs, and you have yourself a healthy, nutritious breakfast that will hold you over all morning. Feel free to mix and match the veggies, depending on what you have leftover in your fridge that week.

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17 Puerto Rican Breakfast Lasagna
whole30 breakfast recipes: puerto rican paleo breakfast lasagna
Cotter Crunch

Lasagna for breakfast? Believe it. This dish is a healthy take on the Puerto Rican dish pastelón, which is made with sweet plantains instead of noodles. It also includes a layer of spicy picadillo, making for the perfect combination of sweet and savory. It can be made ahead and frozen.

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18 Loco Moco Breakfast Bowl
whole30 breakfast recipes: loco moco breakfast bowl
Tasty Yummies

Loco Moco is a classic Hawaiian dish typically made with white rice, a burger patty, a fried egg, and beef gravy. This grain-free take is made healthier with cauliflower rice and shiitake mushrooms without sacrificing flavor.

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19 Arugula, Asparagus, and Avocado Breakfast Salad
whole30 breakfast recipes: arugula, asparagus, and avocado breakfast salad

If you’ve been looking for ways to get more greens and healthy fats in your diet, this breakfast salad covers those bases and includes soft-boiled eggs for a boost of protein. Drizzle some lemon vinaigrette dressing for taste-tempting flavor.

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20 Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl
whole30 breakfast recipes: sweet potato protein breakfast bowl
Fit Mitten Kitchen

Take a break from the eggs with this sweet, fruit-filled bowl, which features pureed sweet potatoes, bananas, raspberries, and blueberries. Top with cacao nibs, hemp seeds, and almond butter.

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21 Everything Bagel Cauliflower Rolls
whole30 breakfast recipes: everything bagel cauliflower rolls
Lexi's Clean Kitchen

If you’ve been on the hunt for a low-carb version of an everything bagel, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen has the solution for you. These fluffy rolls, made with riced cauliflower, will definitely remind you of the real thing with the same bold flavor.

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22 Veggie and Egg Cauliflower Rice Bowls
whole30 breakfast recipes: veggie and egg cauliflower rice bowls
Lemons and Basil

Everyone’s obsessed with cauliflower rice for a reason—it’s low-carb, full of fiber, and easily takes on whatever flavors you like. This hearty dish delivers tons of veggies—including bell pepper, zucchini, and Brussels sprouts—topped with eggs, flavorful spices, and pumpkin seeds for crunch. (Just opt out of the sprinkle of Parm!)

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23 New Mexico Christmas Bhile Fried Eggs
whole30 breakfast recipes: new mexico christmas chile fried eggs
The Curious Coconut

This mouthwatering breakfast uses red and green chile powders, which is described as “Christmas-style” in New Mexico. It will literally spice things up so you don’t get bored with the same-old egg dish.

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24 Kale Breakfast Salad
whole30 breakfast recipes: kale breakfast salad
A Saucy Kitchen

This breakfast salad combines traditional morning favorites, like bacon and hard-boiled eggs, with kale and sweet potatoes. The savory garlic dressing will make you look forward to eating salad for breakfast.

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25 Baked Eggs With Asparagus and Lemony Pea Pesto
whole30 breakfast recipes: baked eggs with asparagus and lemony pea pesto
Tasty Yummies

For another way to ensure you’re getting a hefty dose of greens, try this baked eggs recipe. Be sure to omit the cheese, but you won’t miss it, thanks to the garlicky pesto made with peas, lemon juice, and mint.

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26 Ham and Sweet Potato Frittata
whole30 breakfast recipes: ham and sweet potato frittata
Well Plated

This hearty frittata combines sweet potatoes and crispy ham for a savory meal you’ll want want to have a seconds of. Just be sure to omit the feta cheese. It’s also likely to leave you with plenty of leftovers, which isn’t a bad thing considering it works for both breakfast and dinner.

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27 Beet Berry Detox Bowl
whole30 breakfast recipes: beet berry detox bowl
Clean Food Dirty City

Did you ever see something so Instagrammable before in your life? This beet berry detox bowl doesn’t just look good—it actually does your body good. It’s packed full of frozen potassium-rich bananas, antioxidant-rich cherries, and immune-boosting beets. (Note: You’ll need to find a Whole30-approved protein powder!)

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28 Shakshuka Spanish Style
whole30 breakfast recipes: spanish style shakshuka
The Cozy Apron

The warm, spicy flavors of this Spanish-inspired dish will have you craving eggs for every meal of the day. With garlic, jalapeños, smoked paprika, and fresh oregano, there’s no shortage of interesting flavors to keep your mouth watering. Just omit the toasty bread and sprinkle of cheese to keeping things Whole30 compliant.

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29 Hard Boiled Egg and Avocado Bowl
whole 30 breakfast recipes: hard boiled egg and avocado bowl
Eating Bird Food

You probably already have all the ingredients you need to make this five-ingredient breakfast bowl. Switch up your egg game by going hard-boiled, add avocado for healthy fats, and mix in fiber-rich veggies for a simple but tasty dish that curbs your appetite.

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30 Egg Potato Nests
whole30 breakfast recipes: egg potato nests

Egg and potatoes make a classic duo you can’t resist, and this recipe, which creatively uses a muffin tin, is no different. Creamy avocado and zesty cilantro add healthy fats and savory flavor into these simple egg cups.

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