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12 Perfect Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss in 2022, According to Dietitians

Shop these formulas that are high in protein and low in sugar.

best meal replacement shakes

We updated this article in April 2022 to add more information about each featured product, based on extensive research done by our team.

When you’re pressed for time but don’t want to give in to the temptation of fast food for dinner, your blender can save the day by allowing you to whip up a drink with some, if not all the nutrients of a complete meal. Store-bought shakes can even help do the trick when you’re that rushed.

“If you’re an athlete or very active and require more calories and protein throughout the day, they can also be useful to meet your nutritional needs,” adds Amy K. Fischer M.S.,R.D.N., C.D.N., registered dietitian at the Good Housekeeping Institute. “Also, since there is no prep involved, they can come in handy when traveling.”

However, it’s important to note that that lots of store-bought drinks and homemade smoothies are high in sugar with not enough protein, fat, fiber, or even calories to constitute a real meal—let alone keep you feeling full until your next nosh, which increases your likelihood for binge eating later. That’s why it’s important to choose shakes that have as many nutrients as possible. It’s also worth noting that not all pre-made shakes are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it’s a good idea to keep a keen eye on ingredients lists.

How we chose the best meal replacement shakes

We consulted Fischer and Wendy Bazilian, Dr.PH., R.D.N., author of The SuperfoodsRx Diet for nutritional insight on selecting the best meal replacement shakes, as well as their product recommendations. We also reviewed customer feedback and highlighted some of the internet’s best-selling drinks.

Our top meal replacement shakes

    Here are 12 store-bought meal replacement shakes that stack up nutritionally. Plus, exactly what you can pair them with to make them more filling on-the-go.

    Premier Protein
    Protein Shake (Pack of 12)
    Premier Protein amazon.com

    1. Premier Protein Meal Replacement Shakes


      4.6 out of 5 stars
      162,000+ Amazon customer reviews

      With mouthwatering flavors like caramel, chocolate, cookies & cream, and vanilla, there’s something for every sweet tooth out there. And as a recipient of the American Master of Taste Gold Medal for superior taste, Premier Protein’s shakes are so smooth and delicious that you’ll probably mistake your drink for a milkshake. One Amazon reviewer says, “Love these shakes. I’m doing Weight Watchers and these have been a huge tool in my weight loss.”

      Make it a meal: Since these shakes are only 160 calories, you want to bulk up with another snack. Consider having a banana (105 calories) with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter (188 calories).

      Nutrition info for chocolate: 160 calories, 3 g fat (0.5 g saturated fat), 5 g carbs (3 g fiber, 1 g sugar), 180 mg sodium, 30 g protein

      Advanced Nutrition High Protein Meal Replacement Shake (Pack of 3)
      SlimFast amazon.com
      $14.37 (51% off)

      2. SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes

      ✔️ BEST VALUE

      4.5 out of 5 stars
      8,800+ Amazon customer reviews

      SlimFast’s meal replacement shakes are packed with 20 grams of protein and five grams of fiber, helping you stay fuller longer. Plus, they offer 24 different essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, iron, calcium, and zinc to fuel your body. Enjoy them in a variety of taste-tempting flavors like rich chocolate, vanilla, and orange cream swirl. Reviewers particularly love the chocolate flavor: “The Creamy Chocolate reminds me of a milkshake. It is very filling and delicious with no aftertaste,” says one Amazon customer.

      Make it a meal: Save these drinks for when you can pair them with something small—like 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese and one cup of sliced strawberries—to turn them into a complete meal. This way, you’ll add about 150 extra calories, 13 grams protein, 3 grams fiber, and 2.5 grams fat.

      Nutrition info for chocolate: 180 calories, 9 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat), 7 g carbs (5 g fiber, 1 g sugar), 180 mg sodium, 20 g protein

      Organic Nutritional Shake (Pack of 12)
      Orgain amazon.com

      3. Orgain Organic Meal Replacement Shakes


      4.5 out of 5 stars
      8,500+ Amazon customer reviews

      If you’re looking for an all-organic meal replacement shake, look no further than Orgain. All four flavors—creamy chocolate fudge, sweet vanilla bean, strawberries and cream, and iced café mocha—pack 16 grams of grass-fed whey protein powder. “I love Orgain. I recommend it to everyone. I use the shakes as a meal replacement on busy days, and the protein drinks as nutritional supplements to keep up my protein levels. My elderly father has thrived since Orgain has become a staple of his breakfast meals,” one Amazon customer says.

      Make it a meal: Supplement this sweet drink with about 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt topped with 1/2 cup raspberries for an additional 105 calories, 10 grams protein, 2 grams fat, and 4 grams fiber.

      Nutrition info for iced café mocha : 250 calories, 7 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 32 g carbs (1 g fiber, 12 g sugar, 11 g added sugar), 260 mg sodium, 16 g protein

      Lean Body Protein Shakes (Pack of 12)
      Labrada amazon.com
      $37.84 (31% off)

      4. Labrada Whey Protein Meal Replacement Shakes


      4.6 out of 5 stars
      4,600+ Amazon customer reviews

      While this meal replacement shake is on the low side calorie-wise (280 calories), it also boasts 40 grams of protein and five grams of fiber, making it one of the most filling choices on this list. It also has zero grams of sugar and is lactose-free, making it an excellent pick for people who are sensitive to dairy. “With 40 grams of protein and zero sugar, I wasn’t expecting much from this. Wow was I wrong! The cookies & cream is delicious!” says one Amazon customer.

      Make it a meal: Snack on some celery sticks (30 calories) with a tablespoon of almond butter (98 calories).

      Nutrition info: 280 calories, 9 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 9 g carbs (5 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 600 mg sodium, 40 g protein

      Vegan Protein Shake (Pack of 12)
      Ripple amazon.com

      5. Ripple Vegan Protein Shakes

      ✔️ BEST VEGAN

      4.5 out of 5 stars
      2,000+ Amazon customer reviews

      These plant-based shakes from Ripple are packed with nutrition, thanks to their minimal ingredients list that includes pea protein, cocoa powder, water, and monk fruit extract. One shake contains 20 grams of vegan protein and two grams of fiber. They’re also soy, lactose, and nut-free, low in sugar, and free of that gritty texture that most plant-based protein shakes have.

      One Amazon reviewer writes: “I have tried literally every plant-based protein drink or shake on the market and none of them compare to Ripple. Ripple Chocolate is the closest-tasting product to a high-quality whey protein drink that I’ve found.”

      Make it a meal: Paired with one sliced hard-boiled egg (Prep a bunch on Sunday and keep them in your fridge for the week!) on a piece of multi-grain toast, you’ll down an additional 147 calories, 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, and 2 grams of fiber.

      Nutrition info for chocolate: 200 calories, 8 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 13 g carbs (2 g fiber, 9 g sugar), 370 mg sodium, 20 g protein

      Grass-Fed Protein Drinks (Pack of 12)
      Iconic amazon.com

      6. Iconic Grass-Fed Meal Replacement Shakes


      4.6 out of 5 stars
      2,200+ Amazon customer reviews

      With 20 grams of grass-fed milk protein, four grams of fiber, and zero grams of sugar per bottle, these shakes are a great choice in a hurry. While they’re packed with calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B12, they are super low in fat and only offer 140 calories, so you’ll definitely need to pair this tasty meal replacement drink (available in flavors like chocolate, coffee, and vanilla bean) with a little something to keep hunger pangs at bay. The great news is that they're made with lactose-free protein, so they won't upset your stomach if you're sensitive to milk products.

      “This brand is by far the best protein drink I've ever had. I have tried so many different whey protein powders and pre-mixed drinks, and I can never get more than a few sips down, if that. I decided to give these a try and I am so happy I did,” a happy customer says.

      Make it a meal: Simply snack on 1 ounce of almonds to boost the calories (164 more) and healthy fat (14 grams more) this drink lacks.

      Nutrition info for chocolate: 140 calories, 3 g fat (0.5 g saturated fat), 8 g carbs (4 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 105 mg sodium, 20 g protein

      Plant-Based Protein Shake
      Evolve amazon.com

      7. Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shakes

      4.1 out of 5 stars
      1,700+ Amazon customer reviews

      This pea-derived plant-based shake contains 20 grams of protein and is dairy, soy, and gluten-free so it can meet a lot of dietary needs, explains Fischer. It also provides a good source of calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and zinc. Grab it in vanilla or double chocolate. “THE BEST PLANT BASED SHAKE I’ve found,” one Amazon reviewer raves. “As a vegan with allergies, this drink is a life saver. I was having health issues and not able to eat a lot and this shake kept me alive. The flavor is so much better than other plant based ones that taste like chalk or grass.”

      Make it a meal: Fischer says this shake is lower in calories and fat, so pairing it with a snack such as a serving of pistachios (1/4 cup) or almonds or cashews would boost satiety.

      Nutrition info for vanilla: 140 calories, 2 g fat (0 g saturated fat), 15 g carbs (10 g fiber, 4 g sugar), 250 mg sodium, 20 g protein

      Pure Protein
      Vanilla Protein Shake
      Pure Protein amazon.com
      $17.82 (15% off)

      8. Pure Protein Meal Replacement Shakes

      4.5 out of 5 stars
      33,500+ Amazon customer reviews

      Pure Protein shakes are loved for good reason: The typical bottle offers 30 grams of protein (along with calcium, iron, and vitamins A, C, and D) for only 140 calories and one gram of sugar. However, these drinks are low in both fiber and fat, so you may want to sip on one with a snack on the side for a complete meal replacement. Still, if you’re craving something sweet, they come in satisfying flavors like cookies and cream, peaches and cream, chocolate, vanilla, and more.

      “I’ve been drinking this for breakfast for a few months. I find the packaging very convenient for on-the-go breakfast. It’s quite tasty and you really can’t beat the macros.” an Amazon reviewer writes.

      Make it a meal: If you’re grabbing this shake for breakfast and know you need to keep hunger at bay until lunch, drink this shake after you nosh on a slice of multi-grain bread topped with 1/4 of an avocado. You’ll boost your meal by 150 calories, 6 grams of filling fiber, and about 8 grams of healthy fats.

      Nutrition info for vanilla: 140 calories, 1.5 g fat (0 g saturated fat), 6 g carbs (4 g fiber, 1 g sugar), 250 mg sodium, 30 g protein

      Organic-Plant Based Protein Shakes
      ALOHA amazon.com

      9. Aloha Organic Plant-Based Protein Shakes

      4.2 out of 5 stars
      600+ Amazon customer reviews

      Pea and brown rice protein combine to give you 13 grams of protein power in one of these conveniently packaged drinks. They also feature organic MCT oil from coconut for natural energy endurance, and they contain zero sugar additives like stevia, which is why Fischer recommends them. Amazon shoppers love them, too—particularly the coconut flavor. “These coconut protein shakes are fantastic! The ingredients are clean and healthy. The coconut flavor is on point,” one reviewer writes. Other available flavors include chocolate sea salt, vanilla, and iced coffee.

      Make it a meal: At 160 calories, these shakes will leave room for a little something else. Pair it with a banana (105 calories) with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter (188 calories) to stay fuller, longer.

      Nutrition info for coconut: 160 calories, 3 g fat (0 g saturated fat), 10 g carbs (3 g fiber, 5 g sugar), 250 mg sodium, 18 g protein

      Complete Nutrition Shakes (Pack of 12)
      OWYN amazon.com

      10. Owyn Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

      4.5 out of 5 stars
      1,200+ Amazon customer reviews

      Certified vegan and gluten-free, Owyn’s meal replacement shakes deliver 20 grams of plant-based protein, which is a blend of pea protein, organic flaxseed oil, oat powder, and organic pumpkin seed powder. It also offers 23 different vitamins and minerals and contains zero fillers and artificial sweeteners. Try it in chocolate or chai. “I have severe IBS and a number of health conditions that make eating real food difficult. These shakes have helped me significantly, and they taste great!” says a customer.

      Make it a meal: Savor this creamy drink with a small snack, like 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries and a cup of dairy-free yogurt.

      Nutrition info for chocolate: 300 calories, 10 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 31 g carbs (3 g fiber, 5 g sugar), 330 mg sodium, 20 g protein

      Ready-to-Drink Meal Replacement Shakes (Pack of 12)
      Soylent amazon.com

      11. Soylent Meal Replacement Shakes

      4.4 out of 5 stars
      11,100+ Amazon customer reviews

      Soylent’s vegan-friendly meal replacement shakes are 400 calories, which makes them a convenient choice for a full-on meal when you don’t have time to pick up breakfast. One shake has 20 grams of protein and three grams of fiber, plus hefty doses of vitamin D, iron, magnesium, and other nutrients. “Soylent is pretty good! I love chai so I was excited to try this flavor. You can definitely taste the chai and it doesn’t taste too much like a protein drink. I am excited to try the other flavors and I love that it keeps me full for several hours,” an Amazon reviewer writes.

      Nutrition info for chai: 400 calories, 24 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat), 38 g carbs (3 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 1 g added sugar), 300 mg sodium, 20 g protein

      Plant-Based Protein Shakes (Pack of 12)
      Après amazon.com

      12. Après Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

      4.3 out of 5 stars
      600+ Amazon customer reviews

      With 15 grams of protein, hunger-curbing coconut oil and hydrating coconut water, this plant-based protein drink is the perfect beverage to sip on the go. Thanks to its proprietary protein blend of pea protein, chia, and hemp, this meal replacement shake also delivers a complete amino acid profile. “I have two kids under two and work for a startup 24/7. Often times I am in back-to-back meetings all day with zero time to make lunch. These save me. I grab one quickly and know that I am getting the nutrients and protein that I need in one quick drink,” a happy Amazon customer says.

      Make it a meal: Pair this shake with 6 baby carrots (24 calories), 3 tablespoons of hummus (75 calories), and 11 whole-wheat pita chips (about 120 calories).

      Nutrition info for mint chocolate: 170 calories, 8 g fat (5 g saturated fat), 9 g carbs (2 g fiber, 4 g sugar, 3 g added sugar), 280 mg sodium, 15 g protein

      prevention line break

      How to choose (and use) meal replacement shakes

      In reality, having a meal replacement shake on its own isn’t enough. “The number of calories needed per person varies greatly depending on factors such as height, weight, activity level, age, and health goals,” explains Fischer. “Some adults might require only 400 calories per meal while others may require a lot more than 500 calories. Most meal replacement shakes usually fall in the range of 150-300 calories, so some individuals may need to supplement their shake with other food. While protein needs also vary from person to person, look for a shake that contains more than 15-20 grams of protein, more than 5 grams of fiber and 10-15 grams of unsaturated fat.”

      She reiterates that “food first is always the best policy” and that shakes like these are great for when you’re in a pinch, but should be used sparingly. “I would not recommend drinking more than one a day except if there is an underlying reason, like a medical prescription,” she adds.

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