September 29, 2018

Introducing Breezy Tasks

breezy tasks

The smart, simple way to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Whether you’re working at a 10-person startup or a company that’s 10,000 strong, your recruiting process has a ton of moving parts. Sure, you keep all of your passive candidates neatly organized in your Candidate Pools, you’ve customized every last step of your recruiting pipeline to match your process, and you’ve got your automated actions set up to save you as much time as possible.

Yet still.

So much of your recruiting day is consumed by the manual efforts — odds and ends that you need to follow up on or complete outside of your perfected process inside Breezy.

For all of those odds and ends (and more) we created Tasks – a system for you to create, assign, and automate tasks and reminders that help you reach your recruiting goals.

breezy tasks

Deceptively simple to use and completely customizable, Breezy Tasks help you organize, delegate, and manage all of those to-dos from the most convenient places possible — your dashboard, your Candidate Profiles, and your Positions.

create a breezy task

A few of our favorite Tasks:

Putting Tasks to work for you

When you add a Task to Breezy, we’ll give you plenty of optional information to include in the Task. Here are some suggestions to make the most efficient use of your time:

  • Task Name: Make this descriptive enough that anyone can tell – at a glance – what they need to get done.
  • Task Description: When you or your teammates open up the Task, they’ll see this description – use it to clarify the details of the Task.
  • Attach a File: If your Tasks come with baggage, from Word docs to .gifs, here’s where to add it. 😉
  • Who is this Task for?: This field is required, so if this isn’t a delegated Task for a teammate, assign it to yourself from the drop-down menu.
  • Due Date: This field is required, too, and we give you some handy presets, like tomorrow, in one week, and more.

Want to dive a little deeper? Check out our Tasks Resources.

With Breezy Tasks, you can now create, assign, and automate tasks and reminders to match your recruiting objectives in all of their oddsy-endsy variety, so you never have to worry about dropping the ball again.

Here’s to working smarter, together! Oh, and PS: Breezy Tasks are available on the Breezy iOS and Breezy Android apps, too!