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With over 200 open roles to fill, Nucamp utilizes Breezy for hiring at scale. They needed a repeatable hiring process to gain better candidates and hire faster.

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Hiring for 200+ open roles, with a small startup HR team

Most coding bootcamps cost $12,000. Nucamp costs less than $2,000.

So, it’s no surprise that the innovative startup is growing fast. Nucamp went from 70 students in 2018 to roughly 700 last year. But with a goal of 7,000 students by the end of 2020, CEO Karim El Naggar needed a scalable recruitment process to keep up with growing demand.

“The challenge with this is attracting and hiring talented developers to deliver all these classes consistently across the US. And that's where Breezy comes in. Breezy has allowed us to design a very streamlined process for hiring. It really helps us focus on evaluating talent, and takes care of all the administrative parts with a highly automated flow of candidates.”

Karim knew that if he wanted to protect his lightweight business model and achieve his mission of making coding available to as many people as possible throughout the US, he’d have to keep his hiring system as lean and effective as possible.

We've processed probably two to three thousand initial resumes, over one thousand select filtered candidates, and over 300 interviews—with only a small team. So, the process was essential.

A scalable recruitment system to hire high-quality candidates in less time

From day one, a scalable recruitment system was central to Nucamp’s growth model.

“The whole recruitment process was actually designed as part of our business model. So, I got into the habit of looking at what were the best tools out there. When it came to HR and candidate management systems, I did my research and compared the different tools. Breezy looked very solid from the reviews, so I dug into the features and found that most of the ones I needed were available. I signed up for a trial and the customer experience was so good, and the ease of use was so good, it was basically a no brainer. I signed up very quickly.”

Karim’s HR team uses Breezy’s automated questionnaire to screen and sort incoming applications and make sure each applicant automatically receives a confirmation and a thank you via email.

“The questionnaire is an important step for us because it weeds out candidates that aren’t really serious, not willing to invest any time in the process, and are just sending resumes. It also weeds out bots, because the reality is there are bots out there that do this all day long.”

With an always-on pipeline of qualified applicants, the HR team at Nucamp can easily go in and schedule interviews without the hassle of switching between inboxes, Excel sheets and a million other screens.

“The process is highly efficient with Breezy. It only takes a few minutes to screen candidates and get them to the interview stage.”

In Breezy, Karim’s team can add rejected candidates to a holding pattern and use nurture campaigns to keep in touch with them about future roles. For qualified applicants, interviews are scheduled automatically using calendar sync and scheduling links. Karim also uses a nurture sequence to remind qualified candidates to take the next step.

After the interviews, the hiring team will submit the scorecards and a decision will be made. Easy peasy.

Scorecards and automated emails were important for us as we move candidates to the next stages. We want to avoid unnecessary manual steps between stages. Unless, of course, candidates ask questions. So that was really important.

Better candidates, faster hires

For ambitious c-levels like Karim, high-volume hiring is no excuse to cut corners on candidate quality.

“We really needed all those features to be able to process a large amount of instructors while focusing on the quality of candidates. The reason Breezy has been so valuable to our business is the combination of an extremely powerful and scalable tool, with an outstanding level of customer service.”

Breezy's intuitive layout makes it easy for everyone to see what's happening in the hiring process, no matter how active the pipeline is.

“I think what's really well thought-out is the candidate view. Once you're looking at the candidate, all the information you need is available there. The ability to look at all the emails, scorecards, discussion thread with your team members, and just move the candidate from one stage to the other all in a simple screen—it’s really powerful.”

But Karim’s hiring system isn’t just about speed. Candidate experience is a top priority as Nucamp aims to expand its presence in more cities across the US.

Armed with a powerful, scalable recruitment process, Karim and the team at Nucamp are still on track to meet their goal of 7,000 students this year. And with the right system in place, there’s nothing in their way.

No email goes unanswered. And if we get too many emails, then it's more of a question of what are we doing wrong? What is the information that's not available out there? Then, we try to correct this. But nevertheless, we will answer every request and every communication sent to us.