Breezy HR Security Documentation

At Breezy HR, we’re committed to information security and privacy.

Physical Security Policy (A.11)


This policy objective is to document Breezy’s physical security controls relative to a completely remote workforce.


The physical security policy covers the information processing facilities used to provide Breezy product offerings. In physical terms, this policy, therefore, covers third-party data centers and only third party data centers as Breezy is a wholly remote workforce with no central office.


Third-Party Information Storage and Processing

All customer information storage and processing takes place in third-party facilities. For the scoped services, Breezy uses Amazon Web Services as the infrastructure provider of choice. Breezy relies on Amazon Web Services to maintain physical controls for the in-scope systems responsible for storing and processing customer data. AWS’s controls are described in Amazon’s Data Center Controls document.

Other third-party providers may be used in providing the scoped services as well, as described in our Vendor Security Policy. In those cases, Breezy expects those suppliers to maintain appropriate physical security controls.

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