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Personalized email templates, star candidate feature and virtual interviews help Spark Lifecare's recruitment process work for the applicant as well as the company.

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The high efficiency, high empathy way to hire remote candidates

Rachel Hammerton is a naturally curious multi-tasker who utilizes her own experience to ace the recruitment biz.

As Director of Recruitment for Spark Lifecare, she's responsible for finding passionate caregivers who will help their clients live their best lives.

“We work with individuals who are looking for care… and we find caregivers who are able to fulfill those needs and who match with what the client ultimately wants.”

With a growing company on her hands and a need for the very best applicants she could find, Rachel recognized that using Breezy could help them stabilize their recruitment process by connecting with the best candidates.

Rachel knew that to succeed, she’d need to utilize the best features Breezy has to offer.

There are some positions where we can get dozens of applicants and there are others where, for whatever reason, we're just not getting the kind of candidates that we're looking for. And it's hard when we don't want to sacrifice that quality and we don't want to sacrifice the needs of the client just to get someone in there.

Use virtual tools to personalize interviews

Although Spark Lifecare had been using Breezy for a while, it was finally time to make the switch to 100% virtual interviews.

“We faced a lot of in-person interviews in the past that were no shows, we wanted to move candidates through faster—and it takes a lot less effort and manpower when it’s virtual… We needed to work smarter.”

For Rachel, the person behind the screen needed to remain the most important thing.

“Even though a lot of this is virtual and it's over the computer, we wanted to make sure that candidates throughout the entire process recognize that we are a company that puts the person at the forefront… An interview is kind of nerve inducing in-and-of-itself and [we try] to mitigate those fears and those anxieties as best as possible by making yourself personable, you know, sharing not necessarily kind of your life story, but sharing little tidbits or answering questions about yourself.”

As a previous candidate herself, Rachel knows all too well the recruitment process can be hard to navigate. But with Breezy, she’s able to easily smooth out any difficulties and ask questions to create an awesome system.

Breezy helps a lot with organization and being able to see first-hand, ‘Okay where is the pipeline?’ or ‘Where is a candidate in this process? What can we change? Where in this process or what specific pipeline is getting kind of clogged up right now? What can we do to make it more easy kind of things?’ I’m kind of a visual person so it adds that nice visual touch of, you know, where is this happening? Where are people getting stuck? What can we do better?

More time for meaningful connection

According to Rachel, passionate recruitment leads to passionate candidates. Breezy’s personalized email templates, star candidate feature and virtual interviews help her recruitment process work for the applicant as well as the company.

“Having a remote feel doesn't necessarily replace kind of that in-person touch. [With Breezy] we can add personal touches and reach them through the fabric of your hiring process in order to make candidates recognize that they're more than just a number—they're a person and they have valuable experiences.”

Using Breezy also helped speed up recruitment for new roles. With Breezy’s star candidate feature, Rachel was able to go back to quality interviewees who hadn’t been right for the role they’d applied to—and bring them in later for the perfect match.

It's not just a one and done type of a deal, but more like I can go back and I don't have to necessarily remember their names cause that would be a definite challenge! But I can go back and remember ‘Yeah, I really like this person. They have really awesome experiences and I’d love to talk with them more about this.

Rachel is committed to making sure she uses the best tools to create the best recruitment process—and ultimately bring in the best candidates.

“We're always tweaking. We're always looking for improvements. But with the assistant tools like Breezy and the candidates and the people within our teams as well we've been able to have a lot of success.”